A couple of days ago, I received first an email message and then a phone call from an L.A. Times reporter doing a story on the white women in peril phenomenon. We had a longish and interesting conversation, of which one small snippet appeared in today’s paper. The article’s not bad, I think, and I think I managed not to embarrass myself. But I’m left, as always, thinking “but that’s not the most interesting thing I said,” and “I’m not quite sure I put it exactly like that.”

But whatever. The good news is that being quoted in this article has netted me email messages from one old friend, of whom I’d completely lost track, one slightly less old friend, from whom I haven’t heard in a long time, and one conference acquaintance. I’ve been quoted before, but this seems to be the first time people actually noticed.

One thought on “Quoted

  1. I’ve been quoted a few times (once in the Wall Street Journal, once in Wired and three times by one of the newspapers of the city of my birth). This doesn’t count letters to the editor. Each time turned up at least a handful of contacts (including, on occasion, the letters to the editor). I think a lot of it comes down to random chance of someone reading the article (the middle occasion in the city of my birth was actually a big article in the Sunday magazine section with a full-page photo of me, which resulted in the most contacts).

    What’s funny about this is I was just thinking about this because yesterday I heard a classmate from college interviewed briefly on NPR. I sent her a congratulatory e-mail (the exposure, one hopes, will help her business, although after seeing American Splendor last week, I’m less certain of that).

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