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Apparently I Don’t Teach Math

I just want to note that not one of the 46 students I’m teaching this semester pointed out that the percentages I listed on my syllabi, detailing the amount that each assignment would count toward their final grades, don’t add … Continue reading

20 November 2009 by KF
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And Then Five Years Later

Among other things this weekend, I’m re-reading Fanon for Monday’s class. Fascinating to see today’s five years ago post pop up.

10 October 2009 by KF
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Teaching When (You Think) You Have the Flu

After I was told last Sunday that it was likely I had picked up H1N1, whether on top of a case of bronchitis or masquerading as a case of bronchitis, I took myself back to bed with my laptop and … Continue reading

20 September 2009 by KF
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The semester started here just shy of a week ago, but because my classes fall on Monday and Wednesday, today’s my first real day of teaching. Labor Day. Usually (where “usually” = about 4 out of 10 years) classes here … Continue reading

07 September 2009 by KF
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On Teaching Infinite Jest

The following was originally published as a guest post on Infinite Summer. As you may have seen mentioned in a countdown post here, this past spring I taught a single-author course focused entirely around the work of David Foster Wallace. … Continue reading

17 July 2009 by KF
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Requiescat in Pace

Today is the last day of what has been alternately a difficult and an exhilarating semester. Honestly, it’s the first semester in I can’t remember how long that I’ve been sorry to see end, the first semester in several years … Continue reading

06 May 2009 by KF
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Teaching Carnival 3.2

I’m deep in the thick of the best semester I’ve had in several years, so it’s taken some doing to pry me away from teaching in order to see what teaching-related stuff is going on out there in the blogosphere. … Continue reading

24 February 2009 by KF
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Teaching Carnival, TK

I’m ostensibly up tomorrow as host of Teaching Carnival 3.2, but poking through Delicious and Technorati is turning up little in the way of submitted material. If you have written or read posts in the last two weeks that should … Continue reading

22 February 2009 by KF
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Geeky as I Want to Be

I believe that this may be my most fun semester ever.* My schedule includes, on the English side of my appointment, my Race, Gender, and Science Fiction course, and on the Media Studies side, my Introduction to Digital Media Studies … Continue reading

23 January 2008 by KF
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The real beauty part of having teeny tiny little classes, as I’ve always suspected but never really gotten to experience, is that grading goes fast. One can zip through everything in a day or two, and get on with the … Continue reading

20 December 2007 by KF
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