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Probably Unrelated Observations

1. I am writing my way into new holes far faster than I can do the research and reading necessary to fill them. On the one hand, this is great; I’m clearly making progress on the chapter. And what I … Continue reading

04 January 2009 by KF
Categories: general whining, research, writing

The Blob

The peer review chapter that I’ve mentioned a few times of late is a key element of the big project I’ve been working on since January (or more accurately, given the last couple of months, gearing up to work like … Continue reading

28 May 2008 by KF
Categories: planned obsolescence, publishing, research, writing

Planned Obsolescence, Scholarly Publishing, and Peer Review

I’m back at work on the peer review chapter this morning; I started re-reading it yesterday, but was unable to make much sense of what I’d done during the spring. Yesterday, at least, I was still firmly in the scrambled-eggs-for-brains … Continue reading

25 May 2008 by KF
Categories: planned obsolescence, publishing, research, writing


I had one of those moments earlier this week, in which I suddenly felt as though the fog had lifted and everything I’d been muddling through for the last year or so became clear. I’m really hoping that this clarity … Continue reading

24 January 2008 by KF
Categories: planned obsolescence, research, writing


I’m finally acknowledging this morning that the holidays are over, that there are two weeks left before classes start, and that if I’m going to get anything done, now’s the moment. I’m hoping to return to some regular writing here … Continue reading

07 January 2008 by KF
Categories: mediacommons, random thoughts, research, television


I am completely up to my eyeballs in theories of subjection right now, and am thoroughly enjoying the connections that the reading that I’m doing is helping me to make, but I just want to note, for the record, that … Continue reading

05 August 2007 by KF
Categories: research


The Institute for the Future of the Book has today announced the release of its open source WordPress theme, CommentPress, which allows for easy online publication and discussion of a wide range of documents. My article on scholarly publishing, released … Continue reading

25 July 2007 by KF
Categories: publishing, research

Again with the Blegging

Somewhere, not terribly long ago, I heard or read someone make the argument that blogging was the first genuinely internet-native mode of publishing. I’ve been searching around for such a statement, and am coming up a bit dry. My fear … Continue reading

12 July 2007 by KF
Categories: blogging, research

Semi-Random Thoughts about Books

1. The box of them (a.k.a. le colis de mystère) is still nowhere to be found. The USPS remains clueless. La Poste no longer acknowledges that there was once a package with the number they’d assigned to it. 2. The … Continue reading

04 July 2007 by KF
Categories: research

On Pleasure

File this under “things I really ought to have read a long time ago, but am just now getting to”: I’ve spent the last few days slowly working my way through The Pleasure of the Text. And I found myself … Continue reading

04 January 2007 by KF
Categories: research

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