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Summer 2013

Having wrapped up a whirlwind spring, in which I successfully got through the craziness of buying an apartment in NYC, got myself more or less moved into it, closed down my California office and shipped everything east, and attended a … Continue reading

18 June 2013 by KF
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Program Committee

I’ve spent the last two days in a meeting of the MLA Program Committee, thinking about, among other issues, the future shape of the convention — the new kinds of sessions we want to encourage; the new kinds of issues … Continue reading

23 September 2011 by KF
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Undergrads Reimagine the Humanities

Last month, I was honored to be a keynote speaker at Re:Humanities, an undergraduate conference on digital media in academia organized by students at Haverford and Bryn Mawr Colleges. It was an extraordinary two days of presentations and conversations, thinking … Continue reading

11 December 2010 by KF
Categories: academia, conferences

IR 11.3

Keynote Nancy Baym, “This Song’s for You” – changes in music/entertainment industries being produced by internet visible in story of Nancy on her back porch on a Sunday morning requesting a song from an obscure Swedish musician busking in the … Continue reading

23 October 2010 by KF
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IR 11.2

Utterly fell down on the notetaking/blogging job today, due to early frustration when the paper I’d shown up early for wasn’t presented, and then a long mid-day exhausted slump, and then desperate trying to marshal energy and focus for my … Continue reading

22 October 2010 by KF
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IR 11.1.4

Session 4 Networking and Social Sites Robert Joseph Bodle, “Opening the social media ecosystem: the tenuous nature of interoperability, crossposting, and sharing among dominant social media sites, services and devices” – APIs as “the sex organs of open networking” – … Continue reading

21 October 2010 by KF
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IR 11.1.3

A first in my conference-going experience: the first keynoter is sick in bed (get well, Jon Bing!), so the lecture hall is inhabited by sparse groups of folks chatting, Twitterfall on the screen. The break is not unwelcome, though for … Continue reading

21 October 2010 by KF
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IR 11.1.2

Session 2: CMS Futures: The Way Ahead for Course Management Systems Alex Halavais, Jeremy Hunsinger, Ted Coopman, Helen Keegan – trying to avoid just bitching about Blackboard – certain benefits of a well-designed CMS: standardization of experience; modularization – but … Continue reading

21 October 2010 by KF
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IR 11.1.1

Please note that what follows are my notes, taken as I listen. Anything weird in here should be assumed to be my fault, and not that of the speakers. Session 1: Identity: Finding Your Form Online Kelly Bergstrom, “A Troll … Continue reading

21 October 2010 by KF
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Today’s the first day of the eleventh annual conference of the Association of Internet Research, and the sixth of which I’ve attended. It’s lovely catching up with some of the folks I often see at these conferences, but also great … Continue reading

21 October 2010 by KF
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