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iBooks, Authoring, Education, and So Forth

A quick note: I had the opportunity to attend the Apple Education event today on behalf of ProfHacker, where I posted my reflections a bit later in the day. And a bit after that, I appeared on Tech News Today, … Continue reading

19 January 2012 by KF
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I’m way more pressed for time than I’d like right now, finishing up a bajillion details involved in moving myself and a subset of my stuff across the country for the next ten months, but I want to be sure … Continue reading

03 August 2010 by KF
Categories: blogging, publishing, software

Things I Love About Things

I’ve been using Things as my task manager for some time now, both on my desktop and on my iPhone, and have absolutely loved it. It’s clean, super-functional, and generally trouble-free. But then last week I found something even better … Continue reading

23 September 2009 by KF
Categories: software

Edit Scrivenings

I finally got a chance at the very end of the MLA to sit down for coffee with Dave Parry, whom I’d tried but failed to catch up with at several earlier moments of the conference. Among the things we … Continue reading

05 January 2009 by KF
Categories: software, writing

More Fun with Software

Having blogged my excitement about the public beta of DEVONthink 2, and trying to get myself re-organized for my winter break projects, I spent much of yesterday poking around in my various databases, thinking about how the data I access … Continue reading

21 December 2008 by KF
Categories: networks, software


I’ve been using DEVONthink for a while now as a means of keeping my research notes organized, and so was happy (much as was Dave) to receive notice today of the public beta of version 2.0 of the software, which … Continue reading

19 December 2008 by KF
Categories: software

New Toys

I’ve just this morning upgraded to WordPress 2.7, and the nifty new interface has inspired me to actually post something. So here’s the post announcing my new toys, and, I certainly hope, the forthcoming ability to actually say something worth … Continue reading

12 December 2008 by KF
Categories: blogging, software


WordPress 2.6, which was released just a few days ago, contains expanded support for versioning of blog posts, allowing an author to see all of the revisions made to a particular post, as well as to compare various versions and … Continue reading

20 July 2008 by KF
Categories: publishing, software

Technology Updates

Of which there are several: While I was on my last trip (to New Orleans), I discovered that the 12-inch Powerbook G4 that I’ve been attached to for the last three years suddenly had a battery life of about 20 … Continue reading

05 April 2008 by KF
Categories: computers, software


I spent most of yesterday working on cutting a 35-page paper down into the 15-20 minute talk I’ll be giving on Friday at a NITLE symposium on collaboration in the digital age, on a panel with Laura and Tim. Usually … Continue reading

09 January 2008 by KF
Categories: conferences, software

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