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I am, at the moment, just freaked out enough to feel the need to post this right away, though it’s one of those things that on further reflection may make me wish I’d waited. But… I got a request from … Continue reading

07 November 2007 by KF
Categories: social software

From YouTube to YouNiversity

Henry Jenkins has a new article in this morning’s Chronicle of Higher Education, suggesting the ways that the field of media studies needs to shift in the face of the increasing penetration of the read/write web (the link above should … Continue reading

13 February 2007 by KF
Categories: internets, mediacommons, social software

On the CMS

JD asked me the other day about my experiences using Sakai, and how I liked it as compared with something like Moodle. This is something I’ve been thinking a fair bit about, not only because Sakai marks my school’s third … Continue reading

27 September 2006 by KF
Categories: social software, teaching

What Exactly Is the Deal with Technorati?

This time last week, something on the order of 72 blogs apparently linked here; today, it’s 58. (I’ve also dropped from a nice, solid rank of 36,000ish to well into the 45,000 territory.) Does Technorati know something I don’t know? … Continue reading

09 September 2006 by KF
Categories: social software

On Fakery and Fictiveness

So word is spreading throughout the blogosphere this morning that the Lonelygirl15 phenomenon was produced (actually, that link seems to have disappeared, at least for the moment, perhaps victim of a metafiltering) by a group of filmmakers with a connection … Continue reading

08 September 2006 by KF
Categories: pondering, social software

Student Use of Wikipedia

Via if:book, an interesting draft policy statement proposed by Alan Liu on student use of wikipedia. (See also the followup discussion at Humanist and Kairosnews.)

07 July 2006 by KF
Categories: academia, social software

Tagging the Library

Under the category of things I’ve been meaning to note for a while: David Weinberger at Many-to-Many brought my attention to PennTags, a project of the UPenn library that allows users not only to collect and tag bookmarks, style, … Continue reading

17 June 2006 by KF
Categories: social software

Not a Loser, Thank You Very Much

Via unrequited narcissism, the affirmation I’ve been waiting for: The cyberworld expands people’s social networks and even encourages people to talk by phone or meet others in person, a new study finds. The Pew Internet and American Life Project also … Continue reading

30 January 2006 by KF
Categories: blogging, social software

All the Kids are Doing It

Readership maps, that is. Go add yourself to mine. [UPDATE, 10.28.05, 4.37 pm: Thanks to those of you who are playing along. The rest of you are making me look bad.]

27 October 2005 by KF
Categories: social software

Some Things I Love About the Internet

One day, you write something about a guy’s first book, and the next day, you get an email message from that guy thanking you for your comments and offering help with a critical issue you’re currently facing. One day, you … Continue reading

25 September 2005 by KF
Categories: blogging, internets, social software

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