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Dear Hosting Provider

Weirdly, when our team said “let’s upgrade our server” got a message saying “we’re going to upgrade your server,” we didn’t expect you to redirect our DNS entry to a machine so new that it has no files on it. … Continue reading

24 April 2013 by KF
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I have come to despise the term “neoliberal,” to the extent that I’d really like to see it stricken from academic vocabularies everywhere. It’s less that I have a problem with the actual critique that the term is meant to … Continue reading

12 December 2012 by KF
Categories: academia, grousing


Dear major television scholar who appeared at the very top of my Facebook feed this morning, where I could not avoid you (and I think you know who you are): sticking the word “spoiler” immediately before a most appalling revelation … Continue reading

04 June 2012 by KF
Categories: grousing, networks, television

Open Peer Review: New Rule

New rule! From this moment forward, in anything claiming to be a “discussion” of open peer review, no one is allowed to refer to the Nature experiment as evidence that open review can’t work, at least not unless you simultaneously … Continue reading

10 November 2011 by KF
Categories: grousing, publishing

This Is What’s Wrong with American Workmanship Today

I got my watch as a gift in the fall of 2001. The battery that was in it when I received it lasted a really long time — five years, perhaps. And then it died, as they do, and I … Continue reading

24 September 2011 by KF
Categories: grousing

Rebuild, Rewrite, Redirect

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have heard me growling a bit over the last week or so about @#$%! SEO blackhats and their @#$%! pharmahack. Suffice it to say, I’d been gotten, and gotten so well that … Continue reading

18 September 2011 by KF
Categories: grousing, tinkering


Things are getting a bit under my skin right now. Maybe it’s exhaustion; yesterday’s travel went as smoothly as it possibly could, with some real cushiness along the way, but it was still a long day, and the time zone … Continue reading

05 January 2011 by KF
Categories: academia, grousing

Things Go Awry

Yesterday’s Day of Digital Humanities experience didn’t exactly turn out as I’d hoped, as I found myself utterly without connectivity all day. Not only does the SCMS conference venue not even have exorbitantly priced wi-fi available (which I was planning … Continue reading

19 March 2010 by KF
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The semester started here just shy of a week ago, but because my classes fall on Monday and Wednesday, today’s my first real day of teaching. Labor Day. Usually (where “usually” = about 4 out of 10 years) classes here … Continue reading

07 September 2009 by KF
Categories: body, grousing, teaching

Okay, AT&T, You’re On Notice

Clicking through my Google Reader a few minutes ago, I read a TechCrunch article that Meg had shared, which details the increasingly egregious service failures of AT&T with respect to the iPhone. Some of them you probably already know about: … Continue reading

19 July 2009 by KF
Categories: grousing, technology

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