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Dear major television scholar who appeared at the very top of my Facebook feed this morning, where I could not avoid you (and I think you know who you are): sticking the word “spoiler” immediately before a most appalling revelation … Continue reading

04 June 2012 by KF
Categories: grousing, networks, television

Sports Night

I started rewatching Sports Night on Netflix this week, and am finding myself amazed, first, at how well the show has held up, not to mention how well Josh Charles and Peter Krause have held up thirteen years later. But … Continue reading

20 September 2011 by KF
Categories: television, watching

Gee, Time Warner, Thanks for Asking

I’ve just gotten the following email message from my friends at Time Warner Cable: We’ve got a hard choice… Roll Over or Get Tough? No one likes paying more. You don’t. We don’t. Yet, every time our contracts with TV … Continue reading

04 December 2009 by KF
Categories: networks, television

Insert Nippular Pun of Your Choosing Here

One wonders whether the final outcome (please god) of this debacle will get anything like the coverage (so to speak) that its origin did: the Third Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals has overturned the fine of $550,000 levied by the … Continue reading

21 July 2008 by KF
Categories: reading, television

The Descent

I’ve been writing up a storm in whatever stolen moments I can get, and working like a fiend at every other hour of the day, with the exceptions of the ones where I sleep (not enough, and not terribly well) … Continue reading

26 February 2008 by KF
Categories: general whining, television, work


I’m finally acknowledging this morning that the holidays are over, that there are two weeks left before classes start, and that if I’m going to get anything done, now’s the moment. I’m hoping to return to some regular writing here … Continue reading

07 January 2008 by KF
Categories: mediacommons, random thoughts, research, television

It Goes On and On and

I suddenly find myself with about a dozen things I’d like to write about, which is a remarkable change from the blankness that I’ve experienced when pondering the blog. At least a couple of these things I’m quite behind the … Continue reading

14 June 2007 by KF
Categories: television

It’s Not TV

Last night, I have to say, was a heck of a night of television — the second-to-last episode of The Sopranos (EVER, as the trailer for next’s week’s episode informed us, in case we hadn’t been paying attention), followed by … Continue reading

04 June 2007 by KF
Categories: television, watching

Notes from Flow:  Watching Television Off-Television

More notes from a very interesting session of Flow.

29 October 2006 by KF
Categories: conferences, television

Notes from Flow:  On Taste

I’m posting some of my notes from yesterday’s sessions here. These notes should be taken primarily as my impressions of the conversations that took place; any misimpressions created by these notes are solely the fault of yours truly.

28 October 2006 by KF
Categories: conferences, television

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