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You Decide

She’s at it again. I’ve just gotten an email message from asking me to confirm my new account with them. I didn’t sign up for any such account. And it’s the same bloody email address this kid has been … Continue reading

01 November 2006 by KF
Categories: grousing, internets

Squishy Cow

squishycow! Originally uploaded by KF. Some time back, I emailed the Accordion Guy, asking to be added to his list of folks who wanted a squishy cow of their very own. Joey assured me I’d be on the list, and … Continue reading

31 October 2006 by KF
Categories: internets

I’m Just Saying

The person who happened upon The Anxiety of Obsolescence by googling how long to bleed to death lacerated liver has me quite worried.

30 October 2006 by KF
Categories: internets, pondering

This Is Why I Love Computers

What I know about music honestly (as George once said here) would not fill the thimble of a small-fingered seamstress. But this is an astonishingly cool visualization, which makes clear something about the relationship of music and math that I’ve … Continue reading

29 October 2006 by KF
Categories: computers, internets


I just did something that was either absolute genius or pretty much evil. Or maybe just borderline stupid. There’s someone out there, someone young and female, who is convinced that my email address is hers. How do I know … Continue reading

04 September 2006 by KF
Categories: internets

Spambot University Library

Somebody else has noted this recently — I’m sorry I can’t remember who — but spambots are getting weirdly smarter. Another blog that I have editorial privileges on gets a fair bit of trackback spam, and yesterday I got an … Continue reading

28 May 2006 by KF
Categories: blogging, internets

Twelve Steps Will Not Cut It

One sure way to measure your network dependency is to live in a building in which broadband is included with your rent, and see how you respond when the Internet suddenly, completely, and inexplicably breaks. And there is nothing you … Continue reading

16 May 2006 by KF
Categories: internets, networks

Thank You, Michael B?©rub?©

From the bottom of my heart, for that most misguided first-round pick, which allowed me to snark at you in a way that the gods of March clearly heard.

23 March 2006 by KF
Categories: internets

Identity Protection Matters

I’m not sure why, but I’m a bit obsessed with a piece of spam I got earlier today, one of the bajillions of “update your PayPal account” messages I get each week. Perhaps it’s because most of these get sucked … Continue reading

26 February 2006 by KF
Categories: internets

Shouting Down a Well

Gee, spend one little day traveling and the blogosphere goes a wee bit bonkers over some article in the New York Times about how some professors seem to think that student use of email is hastening the end times. And … Continue reading

22 February 2006 by KF
Categories: academia, internets, media

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