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Dear major television scholar who appeared at the very top of my Facebook feed this morning, where I could not avoid you (and I think you know who you are): sticking the word “spoiler” immediately before a most appalling revelation … Continue reading

04 June 2012 by KF
Categories: grousing, networks, television

Sports Night

I started rewatching Sports Night on Netflix this week, and am finding myself amazed, first, at how well the show has held up, not to mention how well Josh Charles and Peter Krause have held up thirteen years later. But … Continue reading

20 September 2011 by KF
Categories: television, watching


I’m in the midst of reading Dominick LaCapra’s History in Transit: Experience, Identity, Critical Theory, as I revise my essay on David Foster Wallace, Infinite Summer, and networked reading, and have been finding a lot there that’s helping me complicate … Continue reading

22 May 2011 by KF
Categories: reading

Gee, Time Warner, Thanks for Asking

I’ve just gotten the following email message from my friends at Time Warner Cable: We’ve got a hard choice… Roll Over or Get Tough? No one likes paying more. You don’t. We don’t. Yet, every time our contracts with TV … Continue reading

04 December 2009 by KF
Categories: networks, television

Though I Wish They’d Named It Something Else

I will begrudgingly admit that I’m intrigued by the Nook, Barnes & Noble’s new device, previewed today, which seeks to be an Unnamed Other E-Reader Killer (follow that link and scroll down; apparently the K-word was banned from today’s announcement). … Continue reading

20 October 2009 by KF
Categories: reading

On Teaching Infinite Jest

The following was originally published as a guest post on Infinite Summer. As you may have seen mentioned in a countdown post here, this past spring I taught a single-author course focused entirely around the work of David Foster Wallace. … Continue reading

17 July 2009 by KF
Categories: reading, teaching

Please Reply This Email Immediately and Provide the Following Information Above

I’m not sure exactly why I find this as funny as I do. The sad thing, however, is that I’m quite sure someone’s going to fall for it. From: System Administrator [email address redacted, but trust me when I say … Continue reading

16 July 2009 by KF
Categories: internets

Why I Want Google Wave NOW, Please

Because I had a rather amazing exchange about the future of open access publishing via Twitter last night with Brett Bobley (@brettbobley), Dan Cohen (@dancohen), and Steve Ramsay (@sramsay), and unless you were following all three of us, you probably … Continue reading

03 July 2009 by KF
Categories: internets, twitter

Requiescat in Pace

Today is the last day of what has been alternately a difficult and an exhilarating semester. Honestly, it’s the first semester in I can’t remember how long that I’ve been sorry to see end, the first semester in several years … Continue reading

06 May 2009 by KF
Categories: reading, teaching

Digital Humanities Roundup

I’ve just posted on MediaCommons in order to point to Lisa Spiro’s fantastic post rounding up and reflecting on important developments in the digital humanities in 2008, with particular attention to issues of scholarly communication and open access. This post … Continue reading

25 February 2009 by KF
Categories: mediacommons, publishing, reading

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