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The Tree

I hunted through the cabinets where I’ve stored the old family photos to find this one this morning. It’s probably my favorite Christmas picture. There are so many things about this picture that I’m haunted by, my mother chief among … Continue reading

25 December 2013 by KF
Categories: family, reflecting


A much-beloved aunt and uncle of mine who live not too far away from here, in a lovely suburban split-level they moved into — what? 45 years ago? — are preparing to move to an assisted living facility a bit … Continue reading

05 June 2012 by KF
Categories: family, technology

Bringing It Home

The neighborhood they’re talking about in this article is where my parents live (though the image is from another neighborhood not too far away).

04 September 2008 by KF
Categories: family, life

The News from Baton Rouge

I talked to my mother a little while ago, and the news from post-Gustav Baton Rouge (which only Josh and The Advocate seem to be reporting on at all) is not good: much of the city could be without electricity … Continue reading

03 September 2008 by KF
Categories: family, life

Next Year, Miracle-Ear for Everybody!

The subject line of this post is what I muttered at my mother after several hours of hanging out with my family, each and every last member of which is suddenly deaf as a post, except for my mother, and … Continue reading

23 December 2005 by KF
Categories: family, life

Before and After

before Originally uploaded by KF. My stepfather just forwarded me a couple of photos sent to him by his junior partner in his real estate firm. The junior partner received these from a fraternity brother of his, who took the … Continue reading

12 September 2005 by KF
Categories: family, politics

The Parents Are In The House!

My parents arrived last night, and while both of them look a little wrung-out, and both are clearly very upset about what’s happening to the state they both love, they’re doing quite well. They brought news from Baton Rouge, some … Continue reading

02 September 2005 by KF
Categories: family, life

The Beauty Part

Here’s the brilliant thing. And that I am saying this is not just attributable to the martini(s) earlier this evening imbibed, but said beverages no doubt don’t hurt. The brilliant thing is that my parents got their power back this … Continue reading

31 August 2005 by KF
Categories: family


My parents have done what they can to protect their boat, which is just on the other side of Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans, and have motored back up the road to Baton Rouge, where they’re busy battening down the … Continue reading

28 August 2005 by KF
Categories: family, life

A Quick Poll

You’ve just received a birthday present from your mother via UPS, but your birthday isn’t until tomorrow. Do you open the present right away, or do you wait?

22 August 2005 by KF
Categories: family, life

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