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The Never-Appeared

I’m thinking that I’m going to start a new publishing project around here, based around a cluster of essays that I’ve written for various collections that have never actually gotten published — because the editor lost interest in the project, … Continue reading

30 March 2011 by KF
Categories: publishing, writing

On Open Access Publishing

[The following article was originally published by the Society for Critical Exchange in January 2010; alas, that version has been overrun with spam comments, making further discussion of or linking to it unlikely. I'm thus republishing it here, in the … Continue reading

26 March 2011 by KF
Categories: academia, publishing

Day of DH 2011

I’m participating in the University of Alberta-sponsored Day of DH 2011 today, and so will be posting there (and here) about some of my digital humanities doings as the day goes on. Assuming, that is, that things do not go … Continue reading

18 March 2011 by KF
Categories: blogging

More Than Mere Polyester Would Suggest

Earlier this year, I attended a conference at which I was given a really nice fleece jacket. Really nice. I’ve known for a while that I harbor a somewhat extreme love for this fleece jacket; it’s become my comfy home … Continue reading

09 March 2011 by KF
Categories: pondering

The Disappearing Month

For the first time in the nearly nine-year history of this blog, I have failed to post here for an entire calendar month. There will forever be a gap where February 2011 should be in the archives. I wish I … Continue reading

01 March 2011 by KF
Categories: blogging

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