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More Complaints

Remember this kid? She, or someone like her, is at it again. Twice in the last two weeks I’ve had my Apple ID “disabled for security reasons,” which happens when someone tries to log into your account with the wrong … Continue reading

31 January 2009 by KF
Categories: computers, grousing

Commenting Policy

I’m getting loads of comment spam of late that is not bot-produced, but rather manually added, designed to generate google juice for some commercial site by taking advantage of the misimpression that this blog is a “do-follow” rather than a … Continue reading

29 January 2009 by KF
Categories: blogging

CFP: MLA 2009

The following is a call for papers for a session sponsored by the MLA’s Media and Literature Discussion Group, to be held at the 2009 convention in Philadelphia. — Media Studies and the Digital Scholarly Present Not the future of … Continue reading

27 January 2009 by KF
Categories: conferences


For all the folks who’ve been asking: CommentPress is back. I also have it on good authority that a major update will be coming soon.

26 January 2009 by KF
Categories: commentpress, publishing

While I’m At It

Sneak a peek at what I apparently started thinking seriously about five years ago today. I’m not sure whether I should be amazed by the prescience of that post, or appalled that I haven’t gotten further yet…

22 January 2009 by KF
Categories: planned obsolescence

Media in Transition

Incidentally, I just found out that my proposal for MiT6 was accepted; I’ll hope to see some of you there in April.

22 January 2009 by KF
Categories: conferences

Campus-Based Publishing

The SPARC Campus-Based Publishing Resource Center has officially launched today, along with the guide to creating campus partnerships around publishing issues that Maria mentioned in her comment. I’m very much looking forward to diving in…

22 January 2009 by KF
Categories: mediacommons, planned obsolescence, publishing


Yesterday, it probably goes without saying, was a big day, made so not only by the inauguration but also by the first day of classes of the new semester. And even more so, for me personally, by the long-awaited relaunch … Continue reading

21 January 2009 by KF
Categories: mediacommons

Campus Collaborations

I’m in the midst of a section in the project in which I’m discussing the potential for strategic collaborations within universities around the issue of digital scholarly publishing. Among such collaborations, I point to a number between university presses and … Continue reading

19 January 2009 by KF
Categories: planned obsolescence, writing

Edit Scrivenings

I finally got a chance at the very end of the MLA to sit down for coffee with Dave Parry, whom I’d tried but failed to catch up with at several earlier moments of the conference. Among the things we … Continue reading

05 January 2009 by KF
Categories: software, writing

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