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How Not to Begin a Weekend

I’ve been in a positively vile mood all day today; chalk it up to a very trying afternoon of senior thesis presentations yesterday (which I shouldn’t write about here, given my heavy student readership, but about which I will say … Continue reading

30 April 2005 by KF
Categories: grousing

Warning:  This Post Is All About Boobs, But Not In A Good Way

So I spent several hours yesterday having my boobs crushed in order to have various pictures of their insides taken. Actually, it was only one boob, and the crushing part of the festivities didn’t last all that long. For those … Continue reading

28 April 2005 by KF
Categories: body, grousing

How RSS Killed My Blog

About a month ago, I very, very belatedly hopped the Bloglines train, putting together a tidy pile of feeds and using them to keep up with all my favorite blogs. It was a bit of a struggle at first, as … Continue reading

27 April 2005 by KF
Categories: blogging

Marcus, They Don’t Want Us Back

So I was at home this morning, getting dressed to my usual KCRW soundtrack, when the station cut away to CNN’s audio feed, covering the announcement of the new pope. I turned on the television and sat rivetted, watching every … Continue reading

19 April 2005 by KF
Categories: life, politics

My Next Book

I’ve just figured out what the title of my next book ought to be, and it’s my referrer logs and googlings that have told me so: What to Expect When One Is Losing a Toe Nail. In the spirit of … Continue reading

15 April 2005 by KF
Categories: internets, random thoughts

On the Internet, Everybody Knows You’re a Dog

Just heard a story on Morning Edition reporting on a push by federal officials to force domain-name owners to identify themselves accurately in the WHOIS database, a database which is, of course, publicly available. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration … Continue reading

15 April 2005 by KF
Categories: networks, politics

Never Grade Papers Again!

In yesterday’s mail, the following, from Educause: COMPUTER APPLICATION GRADES ESSAYSA professor at the University of Missouri has developed a computer application that grades papers and offers advice on writing. Ed Brent, professor of sociology, created the application, called Qualrus, … Continue reading

12 April 2005 by KF
Categories: software, teaching

Same Song, Third Verse

Why, oh why, do I persist in flying through Houston? Actually, it’s not the flying-through-Houston part that’s the problem; it’s the expecting to do so without incident part. I need to settle myself into the knowledge that every Sunday evening … Continue reading

11 April 2005 by KF
Categories: travel

In the Airport

Here’s a sign of how spoiled I’ve become: I’m sitting in the President’s Club in the Houston airport, using the free wi-fi, and bitching and moaning because the coverage in the lounge is a little spotty, and for a while … Continue reading

07 April 2005 by KF
Categories: networks, travel

Here I Am

So everybody’s on about the Google satellite maps feature, which I’ll admit, is mighty groovy. It’s wonderful and disorienting seeing that eye-in-the-sky view of the mundane places in which my everyday life is carried out. But despite all that fancy … Continue reading

06 April 2005 by KF
Categories: internets

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